If you’ve found your way to my site it’s most probably because I was recommended to you by other photographers.

So, welcome! And I hope I can help you out!

This current website was created in 2010 and I haven’t changed it since as I like it’s simplicity and the timelessness of the images.

These images reflect the retouching work I was doing in the “naughties” for a lifestyle stock photographer.

Most of my work since 2010 has been for UK wedding photographers and I am now well known in the community for my manipulation skills with over 400 invoiced clients over the last ten years.

If you’re wondering what my prices are, I always quote after I have seen the images but in general to add/remove people in a group image it would usually be £20-25.

You can send the images over by dropbox or wetransfer and I’ll get back to you asap with a quote.

Looking forward to hearing from you!




Post Production Photography

They say “Life begins at 40″. Well, for me, my current incarnation as a Retoucher began with my first foray into the photography business at this time. Firstly, for a few years, as an occasional lifestyle model. Then, finding a career change was necessary, I got involved with all the goings on on the other side of the camera lens and had some wonderful years as Peter Cade’s photographic assistant. Lots of location work and travel. Very good for the soul!
I soon took charge of the Photoshop post production work. In the early days it was all about getting decent scans and trying to get the best out of them with the older versions of Photoshop. I remember being amazed when the “healing brush” finally arrived! Then came the change to digital. At last the era of modern retouching was born!
After nearly 10 years with Peter Cade (we are still great friends and I cannot rate his Photography skills highly enough) I was asked to help out an old friend, Lloyd Russell, (head Photographer at Plymouth University) with a backlog of post production work for the University image library.
After leaving the University I started my own retouching business, “fix-my-photos”, and specialise in image manipulation as well as all other types of retouching. By image manipulation I mean removing/adding people and objects and creating composite images. This is something of a “dark art”!! and takes a lot of experience. Fortunately I have many years of experience and with the risk of sounding somewhat immodest, if it’s fixable then you wont find a better “fixer” for your money.

Thanks for your interest,



Yolanda Frost

Yolanda Frost Photography

Paul is very personable and helpful. I have used his services on several occasions when work got too much for me to handle in busy times and he has always come through for me with fast effective results. He is also happy to make suggestions on work to make things work quicker and happy to go the extra mile when necessary. A lovely guy and personal service, he keeps you up to date with his progress with your job. Highly recommended.


Jeremy Eastaugh

Jeremy Eastaugh Photography

Paul has worked on various photographic projects with us. His work has always been of the very highest standard, turn around has been quick and Paul himself extremely helpful. I have no hesitation in recommending him.


Laura Babb

Laura Babb Photography

I have outsourced various retouching jobs to Paul. As well as providing a friendly, professional and efficient service, his work is brilliant and I have recommended him to lots of other photographers. I am wholeheartedly happy to recommend Paul to anyone who needs this type of work.


Alan Barnes

Alan Barnes Photography

I cannot rate Paul high enough for the photo retouching and production he has carried out for me. The output has been perfectly executed, at great value and always on time. Friendly and professional, what more can you ask!


Deborah Marks

Heavenly Photography

Paul has helped me out many a time with photography retouching. He works that extra mile by getting the job done at a high standard and in no time at all and is very very reasonably priced. I would highly recommend him.


Edwin Marcow


I can highly recommend Paul’s retouching services.

I was included in the 2006 edition of “The World’s Top Photographer’s” – Photojournalism and so have very high standards. Without hesitation I can vouch that Paul’s work is excellent. He is passionate about all things photographic, creative and will retouch one image with several different examples thus giving more to the end client, and always delivers more than paid to do and always before deadline.


Sally Slack


I would highly recommend Paul, he is quick, efficient, easy to work with and very good value, what more could you ask for?


John Francis

John Francis Photography

Ive used Paul on numerous occasions to support me when I’m busy. His work is excellent, good value and his ability turn work around quickly is excellent.


Catherine Hill

Catherine Hill Photography

I’ve been using Paul’s services for about 18 months and am extremely pleased I found him! Paul provides an excellent service, turning jobs around quickly at very reasonable rates. Paul is great to deal with as well – very friendly and flexible. I can highly recommend!


Rachel Mullins

Rachel Mullins Photography

I have hired Paul on a number of occasions to help lighten the editing load that I have as a Photographer. He has been brilliant and a lifesaver at times. He can work to your budget and timescale and listens to the brief that you give. He is always on hand and quick to respond to any queries. He is a pleasure to work with, I look forward to a continuous working relationship with Paul.


John Snowden

Management Professional & Photographer

Paul has a good knowledge on his specialist Retouching subject, he works quickly and provides the backup that i need when work starts to slow me down, highly reccommended.


Jon Bradley

Commercial photographer specialising in events, portraits, interiors and PR

I have used Paul a number of times and his retouching skills are second to none. He really listens to what it is you’re trying to achieve and is happy to keep going until you’ve got the perfect result. Not only that, he works quickly which helps keep my more demanding clients happy! I would not hesitate to recommend him for his photo processing and retouching skills.


Trevor Burrows


I would thoroughly recommend Paul for his excellent work when it comes to image manipulation. Great guy to work with..


Lloyd Russell

Senior Photographer at Plymouth University

Paul Cairo – the ultimate Post-production expert – highly skilled in image optimisation, retouching and composite layering.


Emma Gutteridge

Emma Gutteridge Photography

I’ve used Paul on a number of occasions now and I’ve been over the moon with the results. He’s fast, friendly and frankly a bit of a wizard! I’m now vowing to send anything tricky to Paul, it saves me a huge amount of time for an extremely reasonable cost.


KDH Photography

We’ve worked with Paul for a couple of years now and have always been really pleased with the quality of his work. He’s truly a master. Excellent value and always super quick too, which is an added bonus. We can highly recommend him.

Laura Hutchinson

Laura Hutchinson Photography

After a recommendation from another photographer Paul has become an essential part of my work flow. Always happy to help with last minute post production requests and always delivered to a high standard with a really fast turnaround.

Peter Cade

Peter Cade Photography

Paul has done my retouching for ten years, I wouldn’t want to use anyone else. Once you have had work retouched by Paul, you wont trust anyone else.

Sophie Lindsay

Sophie Lindsay photography

Paul is an integral part of my business and I couldn’t function without him!  He’s very professional, always responding almost immediately to my requests, and often gives me a selection of options which is so helpful. Most of all, his retouching is fantastic and my clients are always thrilled with the results. Thank you Paul!

Kari Bellamy

Kari Bellamy Photography

Paul has been brilliant for my work flow.   He’s always quick on responding, does an excellent job understanding what I’m looking for and always delivers back a very natural looking photo.

Chris Scuffins

Scuffins Photography

Based on multiple recommendations from fellow photographers, I first contacted Paul with an urgent retouching job beyond my capabilities which required a quick turnaround. He did an excellent job, exceeding expectations, was quick, prompt and highly efficient with getting the work completed. And he has completed every job since, with the same care and professionalism. He simply does excellent work.

Katharine Peachey

Peachey Photography

Paul’s service is second to none – fast, friendly and he’s a wizard with retouching, I can’t recommend him highly enough.

Jordanna Marston

Jordanna Marston Photography

Paul is my hero! His work is brilliant; delivered quickly and excellent value. He is also a very polite and friendly chap who is a pleasure to deal with. Get Paul on board with your tricky retouching jobs and save yourself hours in Photoshop.

Lydia Stamps

Lydia Stamps Photography

Paul is my secret weapon, and a magician! He’s able to make those little fixes which would take me hours in Photoshop quickly, efficiently at an affordable cost. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend him!

Michael Jackson

Jackson and Co. Photography

Paul’s work is incredibly good and superb value. There are times when I’ve been banging my head on my desk in frustration trying to fix an image and he has sorted it for me in next to no time with a result far better than I could ever have achieved myself. These days I happily outsource any intricate photoshop work to him and really can’t recommend him highly enough.

Ellie Gillard

Ellie Gillard Photography

Paul never fails to wow me with how quickly he can work photoshop magic, and is always my go to guy if I have something that needs fixing in post production.

Guy Burt

Sleepsoftly Ltd.

Paul has been doing retouching work for me for a number of years and he does a diligent and great job, always achieving the outcome I am looking for…would thoroughly recommend.

Alan Stewart

Photographer @ Plymouth University

Using Paul is a no brainer, he gets the most amazing results out of my files and so quick which allows me to spend more time with clients, shooting or family time.  A truly valued partnership.

Betty Bhandari

Betty Bhandari Photography

I’m a professional wedding photographer in Somerset and have recently started working with Paul to outsource my editing to him. Paul is very adaptable, has quickly adopted my editing style and is teaching me a thing or two about improving image quality. I was very pleased with the results and turn around times, and am looking forward to many more projects together.

Simon Eldrige

Simon Eldrige Associates Ltd.

I would highly recommend Paul. Excellent work turned round almost by return. We have worked with him for five years or so and have always been impressed with the creativity and attention to detail. He often finds things in an image that need to be corrected or adjusted that we and the client haven’t even spotted…Obviously has a real passion for brands and image – does he ever take a weekend off?

Julie Williams

Julie Williams Photography

Paul’s work is exceptional value for money, the time he saves me in post processing allows me to offer a faster response time to my customers and the quality of the work produced is second to non. I would have no hesitation in recommending his services – I’ve tried others and now I’ve found Paul I won’t be changing – he is a trusted pair of extra hands in my business and has gone the extra mile to get to know my look and feel.

Fiona Kelly

Fiona Kelly Photography

I have sent retouching work to Paul a couple of times and have been very impressed on both occasions. He’s very speedy, professional and the quality of the finished work is very high. I would happily recommend him.

Emma Lawson

Emma Lawson Photography

Paul is fast becoming an essential part of my business that I know can’t live without.  Instead of pottering around in photoshop for hours, I can sent retouching to Paul, who does it much better than I ever could and much faster too. I’ve been so impressed with the quality of Paul’s work and how fast he gets it back to me, I can’t say enough good things about this guy! Don’t hesitate to outsource your work to him!